John  Skelton  Pottery

I am inspired by the utilitarian form.  My pottery reflects an interest in traditional, historical forms from Korea, China, and Japan, often combining elements from different periods and places. My work also finds inspiration in pattern and textures found in Middle Eastern tiles and pottery.  I am excited by the relationships that develop between formal ideas from different cultures, and I strive to create harmony within those sometimes opposing ideas.  This visual and formal challenge in combination with the constraints of the utilitarian vessel result in what I hope to be a simple but multilayered pot that continues to engage the user over time.  I also think about the art of food and how these forms will embellish the culinary experience.  
I create pottery in porcelain and white stoneware, and I currently use two different firing processes, wood firing and reduction.  My pots are often embellished with patterns created from wax resist, found objects, and hand-carved stamps. 
John Skelton - Studio Potter
Photo by Emily Gross